What is Your PAIN?

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P for your PROBLEM


There are not enough hours in the day.

Your to do lists are growing.

You are fed up of mundane and time consuming tasks.

Your desk is buried under mountains of paperwork.

No time to chase up suppliers and obtain customer feedback.

You are overwhelmed by the amount of emails dropping into your inbox.

You are struggling to manage your workload and reach deadlines.

A for your Aspirations


To increase revenue.

To increase productivity.

To create a work / life balance.

Business expansion.

To possess a growing list of industry contacts.

Motivation and time to drive your projects forward.

I for your Issues


1. You sabotage yourself before you have even begun

That voice in your head, many psychologists call it the “inner bully”, starts to question, starts to poke holes in your plans, causes you to ruminate and procrastinate. What if I miss the deadline? What if the customer hates my product? This will never work? Sure you are doing ok, you are a small business, not a huge corporation.. Who do you think you are kidding?

Well surely, Apple was started by only 2 men and has grown to be one of the biggest technology companies and one of the most recognized brands in the world. Today’s small businesses can be the big businesses of tomorrow. With the right attitude and support anything is possible. 18% of people will be successful in business and there is only a 1 in 14 million chance of winning the lottery. So what are you waiting for? Dream big because the numbers are in your favour.

2. There really are only 24 hours in a day

Yes and no man is an island. You have to sleep, eat and take care of your wellbeing. In my opinion you can not sacrifice your health or relationships for the sake of money. My dad is a total workaholic and has actually done really well for himself. But he finds himself reaching his more senior years and questioning where he was for all the important times. Money can not rebuild authentic relationships that are beyond repair. I have definitely learned from my own mistakes and now understand the importance of a work/ life balance and how that impacts on the level of success that I achieve and that I feel as a businesswoman.  

3. You do not have the money to hire permanent staff and agency staff are expensive and unreliable

The constant worry and battle between  hiring permanent staff or using agency workers was one of my client’s biggest bugbears before they found me. As many of you will already know, agencies are great at providing no strings attached casual workers for long and short contracts. However, they can fall short in delivering high quality, reliable staff. Your staff are a reflection of your business and your brand. Customers want to feel like they are buying into your service and that they are investing into something worthwhile, authentic and trustworthy. Hiring casual staff can be very useful in cutting costs and avoiding HR issues. But you may be saddled with a highly inexperienced and unprofessional individual, who has no concern for you or your company’s image. In addition, you can not possibly afford to hire a member of permanent staff. You just do not know whether there will be enough money or work to warrant hiring someone. And even if you did, then you will have to deal with the red tape and work that comes from having employees on your company payroll.

4. You are new to the business world and think that you can do it all by yourself.

I am an Aries and I had to learn this very simple fact the hard way. I am a perfectionist and never felt like I could trust anybody to do a better job than me. If I could not do it, I would rather learn than to ask someone else. No one person knows how to do it all. Even if they do, there are not enough hours in the day to do it all by yourself. When anybody starts out, they believe they are superman. I am the first person to tell my clients that I do not do it all myself. Yes a huge part of my work I do myself but I work closely with my clients to develop their business.  Oh and I do not like copy writing so I normally outsource that.  

And N for your Need


You need to find a solution. A solution that will solve all of your problems, help you to reach your goals and eradicate your issues.

This is where I come in. I am a London based Freelance Personal and Virtual Assistant. I help small businesses all over the world with their day to day tasks.  I can answer your telephone calls, clear your inbox, arrange your travel, attend meetings, help with your office admin, deal with CRM and HR issues and help you to streamline your business functions. This will enable you to remove any blocks that may be in your way and to meet your organisational objectives.

Take a look at my services page and contact me to see how I can help you to eliminate your PAIN.

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